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Sublime Samana Hotel & Residences

Tramadol Online Europe

Campaign Objectives: Generate significant awareness and interest in bookings among US travelers following the opening of this 36-room luxury and boutique hotel with villas on the Dominican Republic’s secluded Samana peninsula. Tactics: Position Sublime Samana Hotel...
Lindbergh Jet Card

Order Tramadol Online Australia

Campaign Objectives: Build brand recognition leading up to and following the launch of the world’s first truly global jet card, the Lindbergh Card, by premier private jet company, Air Charter Services. Tactics: Positioned the Lindbergh Card as the world’s first...
Leela Palaces

Tramadol Online Best Price

Campaign Objectives: Raise awareness among the affluent U.S. travel market of this fast-growing group of luxury hotels in India, ultimately driving bookings and drawing attention to new properties as they opened. Tactics: Planned and executed four group press trips...

Cheapest Tramadol Uk

Campaign Objectives: Establish the brand as one of the top French porcelain importers to the American market. Tactics: Arranged events to host brides-to-be and interior designers in order to influence these individuals to purchase Bernardaud china and decorative...