Brand PR


How do you build an iconic brand that resonates with your target audience? The key lies in telling a unique story that evokes loyalty, and appeals to your audience. Successful branding is born out of a concerted PR effort that weaves trends and conversations into a strong identity. At Abelow PR, we can be the author of your story, and can also deliver an impactful message to your market. When it comes to brand PR, we have decades of experience.

Buzz for Your Brand

We take your story to a wide range of media and make sure that the right buzz is created – at the right time, and with an affordable budget. Whether you want the best representation for your products and services, or achieve sales targets with your marketing campaigns, Abelow PR’s savvy team of specialists will tap our years of public relations experience and industry expertise to execute brand PR campaigns that truly work.

A Melting Pot of Brand PR Tactics

Today, while traditional media outlets are vital to tell the story, it is essential to develop the best tactical brand PR strategy. This is comprised of digital public relations, social media marketing, cobranded promotions, and more. Because Abelow PR is always in a discovery mode, we never stop learning and innovating with new brand approaches until we design the best mix of marketing strategies to celebrate the brilliance of your brand.

Choose Abelow PR for Brand PR Today

Your brand’s DNA may be exceptional but your targeted audience will not fully comprehend it unless you have an outstanding PR agency to tell your story. When it comes to designing and executing publicity campaigns that truly resonate with the vast North American market, we have the ideas and the tools to get the job done in style.

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