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Lorraine Abelow’s vast PR expertise in the food and beverage industry includes work for some of the most renowned chefs, liqueur brads, mixologists, and restaurants in the world. For example, the agency has worked with Jean-Georges, Daniel Boulud, and David Bouley. The Abelow PR team has curated proven PR tactics that include live demonstrations, media lunches, chef guest appearances, interviews, trend forecasting, and more. When it comes to restaurant PR, Abelow PR has the necessary experience to ensure your success.

We Tell Your Restaurant Story Like No Other

The best way to influence consumers is through effective storytelling techniques. Today, everyone watches television shows with chefs, read a blog or a magazine – just to find out what’s hot.

At Abelow PR, we are responsible for those illustrious stories, thanks to our database of more than 6,000 writers, editors, and producers in a wide variety of media. We secure the necessary exposure required for reaching these consumers, through restaurant PR campaigns, including social media influencers. Lorraine, herself a ‘foodie,’ knows exactly how to think like a diner, and how to enable restaurants to attract their target group of customers through artful storytelling.

Delivering Desired PR Results Consistently

A case in point is coining the phrase “Martini Master,” for a cocktail maker in Bangalore, India.

Seated in the elegant garden of the Leela Palace, Bangalore when a Lorraine requested a martini, he replied, “Madam, we have over 200 martinis. What strikes your fancy?”  Lorraine there and then coined the phrase “Martini Master” to describe the man on the cutting edge of his craft which went viral online.  The property then named his signature drink, “The Palace Martini,” and the agency got a second wave of coverage.

Culinary and liquor PR lends itself to Instagram, and when the agency did a Martin Miller’s Gin pairing dinner for 20 A list media in New York City, editors were posting frequently to their feeds.  This kind of “eyes-on” brand exposure is priceless.

Inventive and dynamic restaurants are launched almost every day, and there is intense competition in the market. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we make sure to evaluate each client individually before we launch a strategic PR campaign. From brand identity creation to pitch development to publicity, we ensure comprehensive coverage so you can become a leader in the market. We have a broad understanding of a wide range of cuisine, and know how to use PR to conceive of winning story angles that will deliver the best ROI for your restaurant PR investment.

Choose Abelow PR for Restaurant PR Today

We want your restaurant to be a success for the long term. With Lorraine’s more than 30 years of experience in hospitality public relations, we have worked with a wide range of restaurants around the world in building their visibility in a cost effective manner. Our PR services boost brand awareness and recognition, as well as build a reputation that resonates with your target audience.


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