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Over the years, Lorraine Abelow has combined dynamic digital strategies with traditional media relations approaches and promotions to craft tailored tactics to promote travel destinations like St. Barths in the Caribbean.

As an NYC PR agency with years of experience representing travel and tourism lifestyle segments, spanning hospitality, as well as food and beverage industries, Abelow PR has assisted a wide-ranging portfolio of companies with strategic public relations campaigns. In fact, we have represented some of the most recognized destinations, hotels, and resorts in the world. We are known for luxury PR campaigns that have strong impact on target markets that will take your business to a whole new level.

Passion for Destinations PR

Travel and destination public relations is regarded as one of the most important elements in marketing destinations successfully, and we are truly passionate about delivering measurable results. At Abelow PR, our passion also guides us in discovering the compelling aspects of each destination we are tasked to promote. No stones are left unturned when we dedicate a significant portion of our research to identify the most attractive features for marketing to your target audience.

The Right Brand Awareness and Exposure

Creating the perfect pitch is all about capturing the media’s attention with story angles, featuring your destination in a way that can put your offering in a commanding position. The best way to do that is from the viewpoint of a nimble public relations agency like Abelow PR.

We make it a priority to maintain cordial relations with key editors, reporters, and bloggers in the travel industry that will impact your business in a big way. We are experts in utilizing our precious media contacts in order to promote greater awareness and wide exposure.

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The foundation of a successful PR campaign is a thoughtful strategy that brings together an innovative flair and fluid relationship between the client and the agency. To enable you to make the most of destinations PR, Abelow PR will create a tailored approach in working with top journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers who will put your business in the headlines.

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