Culinary and Liquor PR

Lorraine Abelow and her tightly knit team have a solid history in food and beverage public relations, in promoting some of the most renowned chefs in today’s dynamic world of cuisine.  From Jean-Georges, to David Bouley we have been an integral part of propelling their careers to celebrity status.

With cuisine being such a huge factor in travel choices by the affluent market, it makes sense to get your messages out to the “foodie.” 

Premium liquor imports like Martin Miller’s Gin, or legendary names in Champagnes like Veuve Cliquot and Taittinger come to us for our knowledge in executing well attended, flawless events.  We catapult food and beverage brands to the forefront – and keep them there. Multi-channel social media marketing and top press coverage increases sales.

Spotlighting celebrity mixologists, we identify up-and-coming talents and engage them to invent cocktails that create buzz – no pun intended.  We also get them featured at established restaurants and bars like 21 Madison. Finding trendy watering holes to partner with are additional ways we gain visibility.

By crafting drinks that are fun, colorful, but always complex and balanced in taste, mixologists attract new customers to the brand. This allows connoisseurs to invent new concoctions and rediscover twists on old classics.  The appetite for new blends is unquenchable!

Through sponsoring high profile events with movers and shakers such as Carbon NYC, made up of young millionaires from all areas of industry and technology. This gives us the ability to place your brand in front of influencers. Constant exposure to your target groups – both business and philanthropic, gives your brand exposure where it counts.

Food and Beverage PR Case Study: Naming the “Martini Master”

A case in point is coining the phrase “Martini Master,” for a cocktail maker in Bangalore, India. 

Standing in the elegant garden of the Leela Palace, when a customer requested a martini, he replied, “Madam, we have over 200 martinis. What strikes your fancy?”  Lorraine coined the phrase to describe the man on the cutting edge of his craft which went viral online.  The property then named his signature drink, “The Palace Martini,” and the agency got a second wave of coverage.

Culinary and liquor PR lends itself to Instagram, and when the agency did a Martin Miller’s Gin pairing dinner for 20 A list media in New York City, editors were posting frequently to their feeds.  This kind of “eyes-on” brand exposure is priceless.

Through strategic partnerships our team enables you to capture market share within your budget. Contact Lorraine to discuss your needs.

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