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Whether you run a burgeoning and fast moving new company with a big vision requiring the expertise of a hospitality technology PR firm, or are an established financial entity like UBS Wealth Management keen to enhance your public profile and leverage new revenue streams, we can jump on your team and be a part of your success.

Quick studies and savvy about taking clients public on the stock exchange, top PR firms know the ins and outs of successful IPOs.  Lorraine Abelow has launched start-ups, announced acquisitions, and held blogger lounges where ratcheting up the buzz and generating those vital positive messages is crucial.

Editors and reporters at top tier outlets like Bloomberg and Fast Company know that when we bring them a story, it will sync with their beat.

Major corporate entities like Ernst and Young have come to rely on us as one of the best boutique NYC business and tech PR firms that know how to place their partners on national TV Shows like CNN’s Marketwatch and CNBC’s Squawk Box. 

Lorraine knows how to frame the information, often dense and complex, so it is simple and easily digested by the top producers at these networks.

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