It is a definite. The new married couple will go off to Nambia after their wedding. Why? Because curious eyes cannot see. Much of it is only accessible by foot. And it is ultra romantic. Our luxury travel PR firm combs the news. And in this case, it was just a read of Travel and Leisure that told us the scoop.

Africa holds adventure like no other destination. Having represented numerous hotel companies and safari lodges, including Branson’s, we realized Nambia would be the ultra-romantic destination of choice.

While Queen Elizabeth honeymooned in East Africa, the new couple have chosen the southwestern tip of this great continent. The shifting sands provide an unparralled landscape with tiny insect and creatures of all sorts dotting its landscape.

You should also consider this area of Africa for your honeymoon. It is private, spacious beyond measure, and hidden away from everything. It is an oasis of calm where you only hear the beating of your own heart.

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