Our luxury PR firm follows the trends of the ballooning Millenials market, and it is fair to say they value travel higher than any other generation. In fact, they will embark on about three international trips per year, often forgoing a house or a car, to go on a global expedition.  They seek epic and authentic experiences to truly give them those peak experiences they have on their bucket lists. Spectacular trekking through the highest peaks in the Alps certainly answers their desires for iconic experiences.

Our travel PR agency’s client, Alpenwild, the leader in hiking, trekking, and foodie tours in the Swiss Alps, presents endless possibilities for Millennials. In these tours, this generation’s deep desire for those a-ha moments are answered when they take in the majestic views of the stunning Alps, experience unmatched cuisine, and mix and mingle with locals to truly capture what makes the Swiss Alps so exciting.

“Switzerland is a natural fit for Millennials to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.  Our guided and self-guided tours provide them with the flexibility to capture the splendor and culture of the Swiss Alps,” says Greg Witt, chief adventure officer and founder, Alpenwild.  Greg is an expert on travel trends.

Here are Alpenwild’s top five picks for Millennials:

  • Chamonix – Zermatt Haute Route is the most scenic trek in Europe and a challenging one offering spectacular scenery in every step. It’s ideal for those ultra-fit Millennials and they should grab a spot on this popular, classic route.  It starts in renowned Chamonix at the base of Mont Blanc, Western Europe’s highest peak, and concludes in Zermatt at the classic Matterhorn, the world’s most recognizable and stunningly beautiful peak.
  • Exploring the Jungfrau on an inn-to-inn hike presents endless opportunities for Millennials to meander off the beaten track through the glistening mountainside colliding with glaciers, lush alpine meadows, moist forest trails and gushing waterfalls. Along the way, hikers will experience a true alpine farm and try their hand at making cheese and savor the fruits of their labor with a true alpine farm breakfast. On this expedition, Alpenwild transports your luggage to your next destination so you can simply focus on hiking in the splendor of the Swiss Alps.
  • Swiss Bliss enables Millennials to discover the seminal views of such iconic peaks as Zermatt, Gruyères, and the Jungfrau.  During the nine day adventure, Millennials will explore an underground waterfall, cross glacier gorges on a heart pounding (but safe) footbridge, ascend on trams through the Alps, as well as a take gondolas ride along the alpine lakes.  There are also interactive sessions to learn the fine art of cheese making, alpine farming and chocolate making during this journey.
  • Eiger to the Matterhorn trek spotlights the best of the Bernese and the Pennine Alps. Millennials will encounter spectacular glaciers and peaks, challenging passes and traditional villages including the Leukerbad, the largest thermal spa resort in the Alps. This trek crosses the recently opened Europaweg Skywalk, the world’s largest pedestrian suspension bridge.
  • Tour du Chocolat enables Millennials to learn from a bean to bar chocolate maker about the process of roasting, grinding and conching (a manufacturing process of rolling and smoothing chocolate for several days until it is smooth and refined) chocolate beans into a silky confection. This tour also enables them to hunt for truffles with an expert truffle hunter and his Lagotto Romangnolo dog. Other tour highlights include visiting a medieval castle, Charlie Chaplin’s manor home, as well as taking a cogwell to the mountain summit and a scenic cruise around Lake Lucerne.

As a luxury PR firm, we are constantly on the lookout for trends, and since this generation is one everyone is keeping track of, we thought featuring Greg’s insights would be of value.