“Family trips are one of the growing segments of the tourism industry,” according to a recent study by the American Family Association.  Abelow PR, one of NYC’s top PR firms, often advises our hospitality clients to add key amenities such as kids clubs, children’s menus, mini-spas experiences into their hotel offerings to tap into this lucrative market.

On average, a family of four spends approximately $4,580 on a vacation designed to create memories of a lifetime together.  Families often look for authentic experiences to immerse themselves into the local culture, history, and natural environment.

1. Families and Friends Take Vacations Together

Hotels and resorts with villas and multi-unit properties will truly benefit from an emerging trend –multiple families and friends traveling together.  Bonding in a remote spot is often recommended by therapists as a way to reconnect with loved ones and reduce stress all around.

Millennials who are now becoming parents are leading the way with this trend of traveling with other families and friends to create signature memories for their loved ones.

Hotels and resorts really need to tout the personal attention and the experiences awaiting them at their establishment since millennials are aware about other options such as Airbnb and home swaps as an alternative for their lodging arrangements when they travel abroad.

2. “Bleisure” Trips Are Seeing An Upswing

More and more business executives are maintaining a work-life balance on the road.  They are extending corporate trips to include more leisure activities tapping into a growing trend called “bleisure.”

Since many hotels have WiFi access, corporate executives can conduct business anywhere in the world at any time and stay abreast of time sensitive transactions.  During their downtime, business professionals, who travel with a spouse and children, seek out extracurricular activities during their downtime.

Resorts with activities geared toward children reap the rewards of the additional revenue generated by families during these “bleisure” trips.

3. Multigenerational Trips Are on the Rise

Grandparents are leading the way with traveling with their children and grandchildren to fun destinations.  The multigenerational getaways mixes things up and give loved ones an opportunity to catch up and reconnect in a new destination.

Many times, grandparents are suggesting these multigenerational trips to break the routine of coming to their homes.  Sometimes, they are the ones footing the bill for these trips.

Once again, properties with multi-units will benefit from this growing trend of multigenerational vacations.

4. Last-Minute Travel Options

The old age, “If the price is right, then they will buy” applies to last-minute family getaways.  In this digital age, people are savvy about finding great prices for their dream vacations.  Many last-minute bookings often occur with just the click of the mouse.

We often encourage our hospitality clients to have a steady stream of travel deals to inspire first-time and repeat travelers to their establishment.

5. Home Away from Home Options

Parents often seek residence like options when they travel with children.  Properties with interconnecting rooms, living and dining rooms and kitchens are extremely attractive to families.

It is vital for hospitality clients to post regularly on social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to showcase all the home away from home options.

Our boutique travel PR firm counsels our hospitality clients to make slight upgrades or enhances to their product offerings to tap into this profitable family travel market.

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