Research reveals millennials are the largest demographic group in America and it is vital to pay attention to the way they travel.  Abelow PR, a NYC boutique PR firm, understands that millennials are leading the way with digital divide and it is important to develop a comprehensive consumer marketing and travel trade program to reach this audience.

According to the World Travel Market’s recent study, “Millennials, people born in the mid-1980s accounted for 217 million trips and this number is expected to grow 320 million trips by 2020. This group took on average 4.2 trips per year as compared with 2.9 trips from an older generation.”

Our boutique travel PR firm has found the following travel trends are motivations to inspire millennials to travel and it is important to have synergies in the traditional media relations, social media relations, and travel trade program.

1. Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segments in the global tourism industry and it has grown to include experiences such as active exploration, educational experiences, and an overall willingness to try something new.

In terms of millennials, this group is inspired to participate in fast and varied activities such as hiking, climbing, floating, canyoning, mountain biking, surfing and wakeboarding.

2. Live Like a Local

Millennials are looking for authentic experiences and the look for experiences to truly immerse themselves into the local culture.

This group values the opportunity to “eat with locals, learn a new skill and to dive into a new culture.”

3. Price Is Key

Marketers should never perceive this group as being stingy because they will spend money for the once in a lifetime experiences.

This group does a thorough research online to compare prices for their dream vacation.  Research has shown that millennials is leading the way with a 50 percent increase in working with travel agents to plan their next big ticket vacation.

4. Technology Is Important

Millennials are extremely tech savvy.  Travel agents should have downloadable Apps to help this market research and plan information about their next big ticket vacation.

It is vital to have creative content to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to establish an emotional connection with this audience and also inspire them to share personal experiences about your hospitality product.

Marketers should also encourage this group to share photos from their vacation on your site.  It helps to keep millennials connected to your brand.

Our boutique PR firm understands it is important to have synergies in terms of the key messages in all aspects of the tourism promotion when targeting millennials.

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