Martha Stewart Weddings is an outlet we frequently secure coverage for the hotels we represent and we noticed they featured “Buddymoons,” something we have picked up on in our trendspotting.  One of our clients, Sublime Samana Hotel, which was featured in this glossy with over a million readers, is leading the way with destination weddings, a burgeoning industry with nuptials taking place everywhere from the Caribbean to Italy to India.

“Newlyweds invite their friends and family along for a trip.  Sometimes, a buddymoon springs from destination weddings where guests either stick around for an extra few days.  In either case, the bride and groom simply want relax, venture forth, and let loose with their pals post-wedding,” says Martha Stewart Weddings.

This year alone, Sublime Samana Hotel has seen a 25 percent increase in destination weddings over the previous year.  Our client is also poised to capitalize on the emerging buddymoon trend.

The Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ property has 26 private suites and casitas, along with a new spa we have gotten featured in Spa Review magazine, which provide an affordable option for the bride’s and groom’s extended families and friends to travel for a destination wedding and ultimately, extend their stay for a couple of extra days.

So, how do you inspire guests traveling for a wedding to hang out with the bride and groom post-wedding?  Here are some tips.

  1. Offer Affordable Room Rates For The Bridal Party

Large groups and extended families often book suites and villas as they are a very economical way to travel and split expenses for hotel stay.

Perks such as breakfast daily, room service, and even all-inclusive options will inspire people to linger a few days post-wedding.  Remember, if the price is right, then people will book

  1. Highlight Nearby Tourist Attractions

Although people are traveling for the main attraction, it is also important to highlight nearby tourists attractions at the time guests start to plan their vacations.  If your property is easily accessible to popular tourist attractions, then these activities will often inspire people to explore the local activities after the special day.

It helps to have print and digital brochures readily available to send to prospective guests prior to booking their stay at the property and share the activities your hotel PR firm promotes in the media.

  1. Showcase Spa Rituals

Spa treatments are all the rage, especially as it pertains to helping the bridal party to relax, rejuvenate and soothe the senses before the big day.  Bridal guests often seek couples massages, as well as facials and individual massages.

Spa rituals are a major hit with guests as they prepare for the special day and you can promote these spa treatments in such publications as Organic Spa and Spa Finder.

  1. Highlight Yoga Sessions

Yoga sessions are also another way to for guests to melt away last minute any stress.  Open air yoga sessions are quite popular and it is where guests can cast their worries away.

Publications such as Yoga Journal will find these yoga sessions of interest.

The bride and groom have made the first step in selecting your property for a destination wedding.  Why not highlight your hotel’s unique selling points in the top media – online and print — to inspire guests to linger longer for a buddymoon with the newlyweds?  We’re here to help!


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