Capturing the adventure travel market, which encompasses a wide span, is a challenge for resorts in today’s competitive media environment.  Adventure travel is undeniably one of the most popular trends all over the world and growing by leaps and bounds.

As a leading NYC boutique PR firm, I understand the value of social media PR to highlight your property’s involvement to reap more reservations from this growing industry.

Quick Facts:

  • The global adventure market has a total value of $89 million.
  • Adventurers have higher levels of household disposable income and therefore feel more comfortable spending more money on a trip.
  • 70 percent of hard adventurers and 63 percent of soft adventurers have post-secondary education, compared to 47 percent of other travelers who have a two year degree or higher.

Social media should be one of your key tools to attract this market since it reaches all target generations from the Baby Boomers to Gen-X to Millennials.  The beauty of social media is that is provides an opportunity to build an online community of like-minded individuals, which is instrumental in today’s online sphere.

I often encourage our clients to use some of these popular hashtags.

Useful Travel-Oriented Hashtags

  • #travelgram
  • #travelthursday
  • #wanderlust
  • #travelpics
  • #lovetravel
  • #liveauthentic

Useful Soft Adventure Hashtags

  • #hiking
  • #underwater
  • #adventuretraveling
  • #passionpassport
  • #explore

While you should use popular hashtags to reach your audience, I also encourage our hospitality clients to focus their hashtags on their location in the world and the variety of activities and features for their property.

I often recommend posting four or five times a week with strong images regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and if possible, Pinterest to keep the adventure traveler connected to your property.  Since these social media platforms are image centric, I often advise our clients to build an image library for this campaign is vital.

Make sure you have head shots of people enjoying themselves from the exquisite nature to the delicious meals at your property in your arsenal.  Adventure travelers often seek images spotlighting the luxurious and natural spa treatments that can only be found at particular hotel.   Guests will often want to relax and recharge after their adrenaline filled activities and it is vital to gain media exposure for your spa treatments. This will help you to capture additional revenues in this fruitful market.

The secret to a successful social media strategy is consistency.  Make sure that your social media posts are fresh and alive.  Clever captions are just as important as great photos.  Always look for ways to engage your adventure seekers.  A simple, yet effective comment can make someone on Facebook feel as though they have a personal connection with your hotel.

That’s how you turn social media visitors into guests.