Throughout my decades of brand positioning, marketing and public relations experience, I’ve adhered to the importance of quality over quantity. That’s one of the founding principles I used when I began my boutique PR agency in 1992. I carefully select those clients for whom I feel certain we will gain top-level exposure. Firstly, I work with a tightly-knit, savvy team of pros. Secondly, I’m able to offer our services at a more affordable rate than my competitors, because we’re intentionally small. Thirdly, we use discretion when choosing which companies we feel convinced are promotable. And fourthly, I have close connections with the press.

1. Tightly-Knit Team

My team consists of senior account executives, media placement experts, and a dedicated account liaison. This layout encourages active collaboration between my staff and me, such as coming up with pitch angles that will get top-tier attention. As for myself, I have more control. With many years of experience, I lead my colleagues taking a very active role in all strategy and tactical decisions.

2. Affordable Rates

The intimacy of my team also makes it possible for us to keep costs at a minimum for our clients. Compared to other NYC PR firms, our fees are significantly lower than industry standards. We still exceed the expectations of our clients. As one said, “You got more coverage in one month than the last agency did in an entire year.” In fact, my team has been complimented on the volumes of coverage we provide as you can see below with Access Trips.

3. Client Selection Process

As one of the most effective boutique PR agencies, I personally evaluate whether the clients have such factors as unique selling propositions and potential story angles. What does this mean for your company? You’ll receive my personal attention every day. Once an account is rolling, I’m involved in monthly calls with clients. I’m also always just a phone call away, 24/7. Also, I encourage my clients to contact me whenever they want to brainstorm because it’s my intention to be of assistance in any way that I can.

But there are two other reasons how I determine which clients are suitable for my agency. Before I had my own agency, I worked with big names like Donald Trump. I’ve realized it’s vital to ascertain whether a certain company’s identity matches with what my firm offers. If these qualities align with our services, then I can market them to their best potential so that the business achieves consistently optimal results in print and online publications, television and radio.

The second reason why I’m selective is because I have a long-standing, close relationship with the press. While forming a partnership with a client is crucial, it must comply with how I’ve conducted the agency’s’ interaction with journalists over the years. But, as I said, the association with my current and future clients is paramount and their needs have to be taken into account. The selection process is a balancing act between my clients and writers. With your company’s vision in mind, I can offer a suggestion, for example, “I like this, but maybe we take it in this tangent?

4. Close Press Relationships

I would like to share both how I offer personal service and my relationship with the press. This week, I had lunch with an editor from The New York Times. Next week, I’m having coffee with a travel editor who writes for Bloomberg Business Pursuits. This publication is on par with the magazine section of The Times. There are very few principals of boutique PR firms who actually pitch the media. They are involved in managing the agency and client relations. While I perform those duties, I also enjoy talking to reporters because I love it and it’s my background.

Access Trips Benefits From Boutique PR Agency’s Team Effort

During our three-year campaign for Access Trips, my team positioned the company as an “edgy,” adventure-tour operator focusing on exotic culinary experiences. This week, for instance, one of my staff is hosting a press group comprised of “A List” media in Cuba.

Access Trips specializes in exotic learning vacations and insider access to such destinations as Morocco, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Our efforts generated coverage for this company’s Morocco Surf Safari in National Geographic Travelers’ “Tours of a Lifetime.” We also secured a national segment on NPR.

There’s nothing that validates our performance more than the comments of our clients. Take a moment and see our Testimonials page . We’re also happy to put you in touch with current clients for references.

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