In a previous blog, I described the importance of quality over quantity. One of the topics I discussed was the custodial relationships my NYC PR firm makes with clients. I’m very selective when it comes to the businesses I choose to work with. The partnership must, of course, benefit the potential client and align with our values concerning the press. Empowering your company’s business involves an analysis of current brand repositioning. What is brand positioning and how does this affect you?

One of the main goals of my boutique PR agency is to strategize how to position your brand. The cornerstone of this process is identifying the Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), coined by Harvard Business School in the 1940s. Finding USPs is central in all branding strategies today. This involves defining the key message of your company and designing your campaign from that data. Sometimes, to obtain optimal results, the best action is to change the language defining your company’s attributes so it reflects your USPs. That way, you’ll have greater impact on your market. This is an example of brand repositioning.

Repositioning might take place because of current trends. I’ve been studying the evolution of marketing strategies in various industries for over 30 years. Having mastered this skill, I train my staff to discover what your customers like and what your competitors are doing. Identifying these factors helps understand what your company needs to do to get ongoing top-tier media results.

The decision to alter the repositioning of your brand might also be based on what we know the press is interested in and their expectations from our firm. There are highly placed journalists we deal with all the time who say they receive about 5,000 emails a day and always open them. They do so because they know the material will be relevant to their beat. This is one of the reasons why we get top-tier coverage. We don’t send the press irrelevant information. We carefully craft pitches tailored to the particular editors we write to.

NYC PR Firm’s Insight Into Condé Nast Traveler’s New Format

One print publication that our team works with constantly for various PR campaigns is Condé Nast Traveler. While my job as the head of an agency involves understanding everything about my clients’ industry, I also have to know what our key contacts in the press are writing about. We study these publications religiously. This includes Traveler.

Our insider knowledge about the travel and luxury lifestyle PR sector allows us to share a secret with you. Traveler is revamping its publication, cosmetically and editorially. Editor-In-Chief Pilar Guzmán said that the basic objective is to make the magazine “a coffee-table mainstay.” The September issue will be the premier of this new format. This is significant in the travel PR space and beyond because Traveler is a leading media outlet. This is going to have repercussions for magazine publication across the board.

This issue, for example, will feature an increase in its page-size format by two inches. The interior pages will have more white space and the paper stock will be slightly thicker. There will be a new “Where + Wear” section at the front of the magazine. This column will feature stories that can cover what well-known people pack when traveling and what their favorite spots around the world might be. The magazine will also cater more towards globetrotters who take seven or more foreign trips a year.

What all of these changes have in common is that they’re based on Traveler’s readership historically for its print publication. The fact that we know this and keep tabs on all of the latest news from our press connections allow us to promote your brand in the best possible way. Since Condé Nast is a big name in the publication industry, getting your stories published there is a priority and something we do month in and month out. If your brand markets in a way that aligns with Traveler’s new image and direction, then you would be a natural fit for us.

In getting your message out following a repositioning, my award-winning PR agency would come up with high-impact marketing initiatives to revitalize your name. Creative winning strategies are our hallmark.

If your brand requires repositioning, we would do it in a way that strengthens your influence on your target market while keeping your original identity intact.

You can learn more about how we can brand your business by going to our brand positioning page on our website.

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