Research reveals beer, wine, liquor store sales yielded $50.7 billion in sales in the U.S.  Our luxury pr firm has more than 25 years of experience of moving the needle for major brands such as Korbel, Champagne Taittinger, 1494 Scotch Whisky Club and Martin Miller’s Gin.

Liquor marketing requires an ongoing media relations program to educate consumers about the unique characters – look, mouth feel, flavor and notes of different spices.  It is vital to have a skilled mixologist on staff to develop creative cocktails recipes targeted for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July, engagements and weddings, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.  Recipes prove invaluable to drive sales for premium spirits.

For one of our past clients, 1494 Scotch Whiskey Club, we generated 150 million consumer impressions with high impact feature articles in CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Wine Enthusiasts during a four month campaign.

In addition to an aggressive media relations program, creative marketing ideas listed below also helps to take things one step further as it pertains to liquor marketing.

1. Cause-Related Marketing Program

Cause-related marketing programs are a very effective way for companies to support worthwhile charitable events and elevate the profile for their brands.  By becoming a platinum, diamond, or silver sponsor, liquor companies receive invaluable marketing – online banner ads, e-mail marketing, social media outreach, digital, event signage – as it pertains to supporting worthwhile charitable events.

The visibility helps to shape perception for the liquor company as being dedicated to charitable causes.

2. Event Sponsorships

Sponsorships as it pertains to concerts and major sporting events are another way to elevate the profile for liquor companies.  Often, liquor distributors receive tremendous visibility through the marketing materials – playbills, billboards, event signage, banners, sales promotional materials such as t-shirts, back packs, caps, etc…

3. Third-Party Endorsements

It is a real testament to the quality of your brand when an influential reporter speaks on-camera about your spirit.  Journalists can educate consumers about the mouth feel, character, flavor, and hidden notes of different spices as it compares with other liquor brands and extol the benefits of selecting one brand over another brand.

Third-party endorsements for influential wine and spirits media are invaluable for moving the needle with your brand.

4. Co-Op TV Satellite Media Tours

Co-op television satellite media tours are an effective way to secure product placements for your liquor brand on television.  Often, the co-op satellite media tours revolve around a specific theme such as holiday entertaining, great gift ideas for dad, wedding gifts, and Valentine’s day gift ideas to name a few.

With this sponsored opportunity, the on-air spokesperson skillfully weaves your liquor brand and other consumer products into the television segment.

5. Social Media Outreach

It is vital for liquor companies post frequently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to inform loyal fans about new cocktail recipes, upcoming promotions, limited time offers, holiday gift ideas, new products rolling out across the country.

In the era of M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive Decisions), it is important to position liquor distributors as good corporate citizens who advocate responsible drinking and who give back to their communities to help market and sell their beer, wines and spirits.

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