Abelow PR, the award-winning boutique luxury brand public relations agency is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018, marking a quarter century of top-notch hotel PR and social media influencer campaigns, high-quality service, and worldwide media exposure for an international portfolio of topnotch clients from Virgin Atlantic to Four Seasons Hotels and more.

Founded in 1993 by Lorraine Abelow, the New-York luxury PR agency has represented a wide range of travel clients including everything from the island of St. Barthelemy to properties in the Four Seasons group. So have numerous small-to-mid-sized hotel properties as well as prominent chefs like Jean-Georges.  Premium liquor brands such as Veuve-Cliquot and Martin Miller’s have retained Manhattan-based Abelow PR, which stated sales increased 146% in one year from their campaign.

The boutique aspect of the agency does more than just allow travel and luxury public relations services. It gives Abelow the opportunity to manage, while still being hands-on and involved in the everyday operations on the PR frontlines. She follows trends, develops key media relationships and positions clients as thought leaders.

“The past 25 years has been an incredible journey,” said Abelow, a luxury brand PR pro for a decade before starting on her own. “I am deeply thankful to all of our clients, partners and team members that I’ve had the opportunity to work and grow with. Our niche is competitive, and while we might be small in size, we’ve been able to deliver huge results-driven campaigns that impact the bottomline.”

Abelow PR has made a name for itself in a dynamic industry by evolving, taking risks and developing innovative methods to grab attention on top tier media and with major influencers. With services including traditional and social media marketing, promotional tie-ins with major sports teams like the New York Yankees, and launches, the agency is in a position clients of the competition.

To learn more visit www.AbelowPR.com a top NYC travel PR and luxury brand PR agency.