There’s no denying the universal truth that everyone loves  great dining.  And no more on than on vacation.  So, how to position your property as perfect for those with a love of dining?  When top travel magazines like Travel and Leisure write about it or the New York Times, they often do round up stories. An effective luxury PR firm can get your , tour company, destination or hotel  mentioned.

Cuisine itself is a powerful vehicle for cultural discovery and immersion, reflecting a set of cultural traditions associated with specific regions. In a report released by Skift earlier this year on “The Rise of Food Tourism,” it was determined that approximately 77% of leisure travelers can be classified as culinary travelers. This calls for a strategic luxury travel PR firm to get on board with you.

With interest in unique culinary and cultural experiences on the rise, culinary vacations, particularly to more boutique and exotic destinations, are more popular than ever. Below we’re offering our breakdown of the top five reasons why foodies love to take trips geared to cuisine lovers.

  1. Off the Beaten Path Culinary Destinations on the Rise – While culinary travel traditionally has been associated with such destinations as France, Italy and Spain, a rise in tour operators offering culinary journeys to more exotic destinations is on the rise. When scouting destinations to offer our new culinary tours, we seek to find off-the-beaten path countries and regions that offer rich culinary and cultural experiences.
  1. For instance, while not traditional “culinary” destinations, our recently launched Cuba Culinary Tour and Vietnam Culinary Tour each allow travelers to immerse themselves in the country’s culture through the cuisine, as travelers interact with locals during cooking classes, meals, trips to farms and markets and unique cultural activities. Our extensive work as a travel PR firm with Access Trips and Kensington Tours makes us well positioned to promote you.
  1. Authentic Connection with Local People and Culture – Culinary vacations, particularly those that take you deep into the epicurean scene with cooking and mixology courses, insider dining experiences and trips to markets and gardens, are guaranteed to spark an authentic connection. In a small group setting, your guests can become a member of a special foodie community learning from local chefs, visiting local homes for tea, meals and cooking classes all while developing relationships along the way. A luxury PR agency that knows how to present your local food culture to demonstrate how the traditions culture thrives.
  1. Insider Access — We go out of our way to find exciting and extraordinary experiences, such as dinners in royal homes, street food tours on a vintage vespa, walking to the weekly market with our donkey just as the locals do, and cooking classes with celebrity chefs who do not market to the general public.

Press Trips are also ideal ways to expose your property or destination to journalists with assignments from a wide range of outlets from USA Today to Huffington Post  Our travel PR firm has a proprietary database of over 6,000 names we use to reach out to contacts we have developed over the past 30 years.


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