Hotel and hospitality PR firms and travel PR companies have become more interested in emerging in all forms of social media. While the old standbys like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are staples of a social media campaign, podcasts and Snapchat have become more popular of late.  And Google Plus should be a part of any social media program because it affects your ranking in the search engines.

Podcasts have been around for a few years now, but with social media all being integrated together in a cohesive and multi-pronged communications strategy, they are catching on even more. It is an ideal way for the press to expand their reach.

Cost-Effective Integrated Campaigns – Leverage Your PR Dollar

PR is the most cost-effective way to build your customer base, together with social media and a Google Adwords budget that is cleverly designed and deployed. Abelow PR can do all of this, or parts of the campaign, with an eye towards penetrating your target market in the most high-impact way possible.

Budget is always a consideration. Once you establish how much of your marketing funds you can direct towards public relations, it make sense to talk to a boutique PR agency like Abelow PR to determine how best to leverage your budget.

The basis of our campaigns is heavy media relations meaning securing feature and round up stories in the prestigious outlets read by those traveling and looking for boutique and luxury hotels and interesting tours.  What this comprises is intensive interaction with our editorial and top blogger contacts in publications ranging from Conde Nast Traveler , Town and Country and Travel and Leisure, to influencers like Peter Greenberg.

Major newspapers like the New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal and major market newspapers like the Washington Times and Chicago Tribune are musts in any program.

 We also secure television coverage on TV channels like Nat Geo and Discovery. 

Abelow PR has Influence With Top Editors, Bloggers and Journalists

An established name among travel editors, our boutique PR firm headed by Lorraine Abelow with over thirty years on the business, has the clout to get through to these editors.

Many times we get inquiries directly from the press to be included in stories, once they know about our clients.  They also want to experience staying at our hotels, or going on a tour.  We evaluate each inquiry carefully before presenting it to a client. Press trips often include the journalists posting to their social media accounts while on their stay or journey..

Our Clients Get Our Attention

Currently, we represent a number of properties in the Small Luxury Hotels group, and several upscale tour operators including U.K. Countryside Tours  and Alpenwild.

For these clients we have organized group and individual press trips, hosting topnotch editors and freelancers to write about their experiences. Inevitably, the editors post to their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and often do Snapchats, or  “Moments” on Instagram.  We have also organized press briefings in New York City with the heads of the companies, which result in coverage.

One vital aspect of our integrated programs as one of the leading hospitality PR firms, is sending out tailored media pitches to the press, that are geared to their particular beat. Editors appreciate this because they are inundated with so much irrelevant news. Therefore, we approach Bon Appetit differently than Afar. Writing pitch letters is a skill any PR pro will find indispensible.

While press releases are still a staple of our travel PR campaigns, we make sure there is a real news hook. This can be a new tour, a renovation, a spa treatments that has just been added, or a trend documented by a study. Then we will cross promote the press releases on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Many journalists follow our Twitter page and query us based on news they see posted there.

So, if you are thinking of launching a PR and  Social Media campaign,  it makes sense to talk it over frankly with a PR agency head.

Lorraine is always available, so give her a call at 203-226-9247, or email Lorraine@AbelowPR.com.  We would love to get the word out to you and expand your market share!

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