Google, hands down, is the leading search engine especially as it pertains to consumers planning their vacations.  Abelow PR, an NYC boutique PR firm, encourages hotel marketers to pay careful attention to recent developments from Google, especially as it pertains to a hotel’s digital marketing campaign.

Did you know . . .

  • Google is splitting its desktop and mobile indexes, making mobile index it primary index. Research reveals “mobile devices have overtaken desktop computers for web surfing.  Global mobile and tablet searches accounted for 51.3 percent vs. 48.7 percent for searches.”
  • Book Google is a new platform for consumers who are researching their vacations online to book their vacations through Google. Consumers simply initiate a search to find the lowest price for a hotel and then they can simply book their hotel stay through Google’s platform.  This new service is only available to hotels with an existing OTA and is currently using Google Hotel Ads to generate new prospects.
  • Google Trips is a personalize travel planner app to help consumers research upcoming trips, make reservations, access important information about their vacation. Travel app pulls information from Google Maps, your own e-mail, other competitors to provide you with information to help plan your vacation.  And, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to use this new app.

Our New York City travel PR firm often advises our clients to conduct a thorough SEO keyword search to increase their rankings in online searches. I am a firm believer in having the appropriate SEO search terms create a presence online and drive traffic to your website and ultimately, stimulate sales.

Now, with these recent developments from Google, it is vital for hospitality executives to ensure their digital presence is compatible for mobile devices so they don’t lose their ranking in online searches.

Pay attention to new, innovative ways to inspire first-time travelers to explore and ultimately book a stay at your establish.  Online searches provide real-time data that can be mined to create an effective digital marketing strategy for the various buyer types.  In this competitive landscape, it is vital to develop new ways to stimulate sales.

I truly believe a hospitality clients’ digital campaign coupled with an integrated public relations campaign can help to capture share of wealth in this economy.

There are several powerful online travel media and blogs that are inspire people to travel.  Our boutique NYC PR firm often tries to get our clients website featured in all stories so it can help to drive traffic to their sites.

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