Research reveals the global wellness travel is a $3.7 trillion industry.  Abelow PR, a NYC boutique travel PR firm, advises our hospitality clients to make subtle changes in their hotel offerings based on industry trends to inspire first-time and repeat travelers to stay at their property.

Here are five key wellness trends for 2017 according to the worldwide wellness experts Health and Fitness Travel:

1. Real Men Actually Indulge in Spa Treatments

The modern day man is actually comfortable with his masculinity and he is not afraid to indulge in a wellness vacation.  Retreats with masculine activities such as boxing and golf are seeing an uptick in men experiencing in a massage or a spa treatment to recover from a day of strenuous exercise.

And, more men are also turning to wellness establishments to help address a medical issue.

2. Post-Cancer Recovery Treatments

Cancer survivors are turning to holistic spa treatments and alternative natural medicines to help them soothe and rejuvenate their senses.  Spa havens with a nutritionist on staff can help the cancer survivor regain their appetite, detox from the chemical treatments and aid in speedy recovery.

3. Family Wellness Vacations

Savvy spa marketers are developing mini-spa packages designed for children so the entire family can participate in wellness treatments.  Kids’ spa experience are designed to lure them away from playing constantly on the iPads and video games simply by introducing them to sporting activities such as tennis, bicycling and water sports. Traveling can actually be good for your health – a change of scenery and chance to bond with family.

4. Eco-Friendly Resorts

Environmentally conscious travelers often seek spa experiences with all natural spa therapies, organic cuisine, onsite gardens, as well as eco-friendly tours to learn about the local flora and fauna.

Eco-friendly tourists seek resorts that maintain balance and harmony with the natural earth as they indulge in holistic therapies to refresh their mind, body and soul.

5. Anti-Aging Therapies

As our population gets older, Baby Boomers and even Generation X consumers are indulging in therapies to help them lower their biological clock.  These alternative therapies range from stress relief to workout routines all designed to help consumers age gracefully.

Our boutique PR firm understands the importance of tapping into key trends to enable hospitality clients to capture their share of wealth in this lucrative wellness industry.

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