As a top NYC boutique PR firm that specializes in hotel public relations, we’ve seen the impact that innovative technology can make in the media and garnering more guests. When well-promoted, cutting-edge technology can raise your market profile.

This year alone, Hospitality Technology‘s 2016 Lodging Technology Study estimates that 54% of hotels will spend more on technology than in previous years to meet their guests’ increasing demands. I’m not surprised.

According to the same study by Hospitality Technology, there are six major technology trends that can maximize your hotel’s publicity:

  • Mobile ubiquity
  • Data-gathering platforms
  • Enabling guestroom tech
  • Increasing Wi-Fi bandwidth
  • Beefing up security
  • Energy conservation

Find A Hospitality PR Agency With Strong Media Contacts

By following these trends, you’ll increase your hotel’s relevance and expand your target audience. But how can you stay on top of the latest tech? The best way is by finding a hospitality PR agency with media connections.

After 35-plus years, my NYC boutique PR firm has forged crucial ties with many A-list publications, including WIRED, Forbes and Fortune Magazine, as well as key-industry trades like Hotel Management and Hotels Magazine. With our expertise, your hotel can gain major exposure, giving your property a prestige only gained by the third party endorsement.

Since its emerge in the early 1990s, I’ve worked in the technology field. We represented a credit card protection technology for casinos. And after a media blitz, we quickly solidified their dominance in the industry.

In early 2000 when representing The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square, our agency promoted the first story about PalmPilots being used for hotels to manage functions, from check-in to adjusting room temperature. We secured a front page feature in the Wall Street Journal!

By forming strategic alliances, we’ll get your hotel’s information in front of your target market keen on mobile ubiquity and other features like data-gathering.

Tech Companies That Promote Mobile Ubiquity Offer Media Potential

Mobile ubiquity is important because of how popular the internet has become. Each year, the internet becomes more entrenched in our daily lives, creating an immediacy that everyone now expects. Now the internet affects how guests interact with hotels and how guests expect hotels to interact with them.

The most innovative way to interact with potential guests is through gamification, a technology that transforms customer engagement into a virtual reality experience. A recent example that proves how effective gamification can be is the Pokémon Go app phenomenon. But how can gamification help your hotel’s brand?

Emerging tech companies in the hotel field like KonnecTo are offering cutting-edge technology that enable hotel guests to interact at many points throughout a property.

With KonnecTo, you can create content-based games and competitions as well as enable loyalty points and prizes. These programs can be applied to a hotel’s lobby, restaurants, golf course, spa and more, each time a customer walks through your property.

By utilizing KonnecTo’s services, you can keep your current target audience engaged while increasing your revenue stream.

Effective Data-Gathering Platforms Increase Circulation

The ability to gather data well is one of a hotel’s most valuable assets. When done successfully, it can deliver the personalization travelers and hotel customers are looking for.

In fact, we recently led a successful PR campaign for one of the leading hospitality tech companies in the meetings and incentives industry, Knowland. A recognized provider of group data for hotels, Knowland offers a meeting intelligence platform, a robust tool that provides unrivaled data for hotels competing for business.

During Knowland’s campaign, our NYC boutique PR firm gained coverage in over 176 publications, including:

  • Hospitality Upgrade (Circulation: 90,000)
  • Hospitality Newsmaker Alert (Circulation: 110,000)
  • Hotel Executive (Circulation: 60,000)
  • International Business Times (Circulation: 5.6 million)
  • Miami Herald (Circulation: 3 million)
  • WorldNet Daily (Circulation: 2.2 million)
  • Arizona Republic (Circulation: 1.8 million)
  • Houston Chronicle (Circulation: 1.6 million)
  • Boston Globe (Circulation: 1.4 million)

With exposure and such high-circulating outlets, your business will be front and center with your potential market, paving the way for sales and bringing more traffic to your site.

Creating strategic alliances with compatible tech brands like KonnecTo and Knowland will propel your hotel to reach a broader pool of potential guests. Through effective public relations, you can increase your hotel’s exposure, keeping awareness that your brand is innovative and on top of the latest trends.

To learn more about how technology PR can help your hotel gain major publicity, please contact us.