It’s amazing how much the hotel spa market has grown over the years. I’m proud to say that I promoted one of the country’s first, Palm Aire Spa in Florida. (Fun fact: Elizabeth Taylor used to stay there.) Now over 35 years later, I’m providing services to a plethora of these resort travel destinations at my boutique PR firm in New York City.

Hotel spas have become highly competitive. Case in point, we just published a story in Martha Stewart Living on “Buddymoons,” where wedding parties go to spas and get pampered with treatments like aromatherapy before the big event. Speaking of aromatherapy, I remember introducing this new approach to all the Four Seasons Hotels with Judith Jackson and launching it in the 1980s before it even had mass appeal. How time flies!

If you have a spa in your hotel and market it correctly, your spa can become a major source of income for your business. PR for spas is an effective way of getting your message across this highly competitive market by broadening your overall target audience and attracting potential guests to your site.

For a successful campaign, our PR agency in New York City will perform the following steps for you:

? Analyze your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)
? Position your brand
? Create stimulating press releases
? Compile a targeted media list and constantly update it
? Reach out to editors at media outlets
? Effectively monitor and measure published works

How Our Boutique PR Firm in New York City Maximizes Your Hotel Spa’s Exposure

Abelow PR is known for its depth of knowledge of the spa industry. We’ve placed coverage in many prestigious outlets, including Organic Spa, and the bloggers we work with are constantly attracting the attention of people who are interested in wellness.

You may ask, “How can I get my hotel spa in something like Organic Spa?” The answer is simple. Do it how we do it. We reach out to all the top-tier publications with which we have strong ties and pitch them captivating details about your spa. Brand Positioning is a great way of uncovering the elements of your property that media outlets will find attractive.

This strategy involves developing a thorough understanding of your brand and the competitive landscape. We’ll accomplish this by sitting down with you to establish what sets your hotel spa apart from the competition.

For Casa Bonita in the Dominican Republic’s Barahona Mountains, we focused on the heritage of the area by highlighting on how most of their spa’s plants are cultivated on the property. What’s more, we made sure to include how their guests are welcome to pick these plants, creating an overall unique experience — and an enticing story.

Through effective branding, we were able to secure exposure for Casa Bonita in publications ranging from the Boston Globe to National Geographic Traveler.

We can do the same for your hotel spa. By turning to Abelow PR, all of your resources will be marketed efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to make your hotel spa as successful as possible.

If you want to learn more about how we can make your spa increase revenue for your hotel, please contact us.