Successful luxury companies strive to create a brand that will be a household name. They find effective ways to make it symbolize superior quality and a pleasurable way of life. Ralph Lauren, Gucci, and Four Seasons Hotels are just a few examples of businesses that have mastered the art of branding with the power of public relations.

The cornerstone to achieving broad brand awareness, a boutique luxury lifestyle PR firm in New York City is capable of launching and sustaining a campaign that will strategically build your brand in the public sphere. With masterful outreach to your target market, it’s incomparable in its persuasive capabilities.

Show Your Values

With any successful company, there are a set of values that, when properly executed in a branding campaign, are communicated. Ralph Lauren is the epitome of a well-executed campaign. It is instantly recognizable in defining style that is consistent with high quality clothing and invites people to take part in the American dream.

Ralph Lauren communicates its values through a variety of visual messages that portray it on shirts and jackets worn in a multitude of venues. This runs the gambit from fashionable families at leisure on boats to the uniforms of the U.S. Olympic athletes.

Once you have identified your brand’s attributes, it is crucial to display them frequently. With the explosion of digital and social media, it’s critical to get your brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Print and online magazines are also of enormous value and that’s what a qualified PR agency in the luxury lifestyle field will do for you.

Brand Visibility at Sponsored Events

Another key way to build awareness is through sponsorships that are aligned with the brand qualities. By sponsoring the U.S. Open, for example, Ralph Lauren has become a permanent fixture in the globally viewed tennis tournament.

The millions who watch the tennis matches, whether it is in the stadium, up close on the field courts, or on the giant TV screens where crowds gather, see the ball boys and girls running around the courts with the ubiquitous Polo logo plastered on their backs. It also appears on the linesmen and lineswomen, the chair umpire, and prominent tennis players. You can’t miss it! Polo is also the clothing sponsor for the most prestigious tournament in the world – Wimbledon in the U.K.

With the logo’s impressions pounded away at their brain, the brand gets firmly established. A public relations firm that is experienced in this arena can achieve equal exposure for your company by gaining coverage in the media and finding events to sponsor that align with your products and emphasize the brand’s values.

Spark a Conversation

When utilizing social media for your brand, a key goal is to ignite a conversation. An experienced social media PR agency can create places for people to congregate online and interact with fellow fans.

Keep posts fun and fresh. When done in a clever way with rich images they will capture attention and spark conversations. Interaction is everything, so stay on top of the comments and respond quickly. If there is content in digital media, the potential spread of awareness is limitless.

Talk to Abelow PR about how you can make your luxury brand recognizable in the U.S. and abroad. We’d love to hear from you!