When invited back for dinner at the high-end, fine dining restaurant, Vespa, in Westport, Connecticut, I was quite overwhelmed with the consistency in service and offerings.   My last visit was on a slow Sunday evening, but on this busy Saturday, the place was hopping. As hospitality and luxury PR agency head, I have many perks, and dining in top eateries all around the world is one of them.

Since the weather was threatening a storm, we dined inside. Vespa is located aong the Saugatuck River, which can be seen from inside as well. Right off the bat I loved our waiter – he told us his name. He was super competent about what comprised each dish and what could be left out if I wanted, like the pancetta.

I had ordered a Cosmo to start off with before the first course, a rare occurrence for me, and asked for it “not too sweet.” The bartender made it perfectly, and my husband seemed to enjoy his Hendricks’s martini. Though our luxury PR firm represented Martin Miller’s Gin, David sill prefers Hendricks’s, and this was a real treat for him.

My appetizer of mushrooms with a poached egg on brioche was truly sublime. I have a thing for those real pungent ‘shrooms, and this did not disappoint. My husband ordered the grilled octopus, and though he didn’t share, I could tell he loved it from his “mmms.”

Everything Arrived Smoothly and Timely

 With just enough time in between courses, and next came our entrees. David couldn’t resist the filet mignon, and said it was one of the finest he had ever tasted. The best ever for him was at Michael’s in Miami. He was also pleased to get it rare, but not raw – often hard to achieve in an order. They got it just right in the kitchen.

I ordered the grilled bass again, as I had last time. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful fish in a fine restaurant can be. This filet sat atop some grilled peppers and onions, and I asked for no salt. That is how it came. Again, a big plus in my book – the waiter and kitchen listened to my request, surprisingly not always the case at other restaurants that state on the menu, “dietary restrictions accommodated.”

We indulged in a dessert that was just plain over-the-top. A rich dark chocolate layer cake with garnishes on top of gold leaf. Not only beautiful, but just sweet the right level of sweetness. It capped a lovely evening.

Hats off to Vespa for exceeding my expectations!