Here’s something big: The May issue of Bloomberg’s lifestyle publication Bloomberg Pursuits focuses exclusively on travel. This is a first, since before it encompassed everything one pursues in the leisure time. The affluent audience is becoming more interested in learning about the must-gos rather than the must-haves, giving publications leverage to dispense knowledge and insights on where to go next.

As the trend is for interesting and engrossing experiences over having status objects, and the world of acquiring material goods holds less value than life itself, Bloomberg is responding,  Since Bloomberg is a media we consider a list at our NYC PR firm, this is news worth noting, and we do.  Fortunately, we have good contacts with those reporters who cover travel at Bloomberg, and know how to get to them.  We arrange interviews for our clients often with them.

“Travel is a category our readers are passionate about,” said Emma Rosenblum, editor at Bloomberg Pursuits. “We cover it daily on Pursuits’ digital site and it’s a big part of each print issue, so it made sense to expand that coverage in a special way. It was also an opportunity to double-down on the amazing photography in the magazine and to dedicate extra pages to lush and arresting imagery from around the world,” she said.

Features Utilize Stunning Photography

“Our features include photography by Richard Barnes, who traveled to remote Fogo Island; Kevin Kunstadt, who found buffalo in Montana; and Adrian Gaut, who captured the beauty of Zanzibar. It’s a stunning package, and I hope readers are inspired by where we’re taking them.”

This argues for maintaining a rich image library in your PR arsenal.  Our boutique PR agency is always after our clients to take new pictures, and of high resolution, so magazines can use them in spread.  The old saying, “ A picture is worth a thousand words,” has never been more valid.

Experiential Luxury Is the Buzzword

The audience of Bloomberg is financial, and affluence is a given. Their gravitation toward experiential luxury has been well documented. This issue focusing on travel has premiered when readers are seeking unusual, interesting and hard-to-come-by experiences. This is what Bloomberg Pursuits will focus on in the future.

The editor even said, “Log off your Terminal!” — even if it’s only for a weekend getaway.

Since those who work long consider time the greatest luxury hours, as those in the financial industry do, this magazine will undoubtedly be a treasured resource for the affluent audience.