Throughout the 20th century, the true essence of luxury emerged. At my boutique PR agency, I have been able to witness and take part in this growth firsthand and see how each one has changed over the years. Brands have defined themselves as if they were characters in a movie. Chanel, a timeless woman who partakes only in the most exclusive of events; Versace, the fun-loving vamp who can entice anyone and anything; and All Saints, the rocker chic chick who can capture an audience with her unique sense of simplicity.

As the years progressed, these companies recognized a demand to give more to the consumer. This “more” led to jewelry, perfumes, eyewear, and many other branches of profit-driven success. Extending the brand to alternative streams of the market can prove to be a recipe for disaster, especially when entering into a completely different industry, such as hospitality.

Boutique PR Agency Discusses Design and Hotel Industry Partnerships

The opportunity for success through extension, if executed correctly, is genius, especially when considering the fact that many of these brands have already positioned themselves within the market. In a past blog post, I discussed how luxury hotels are collaborating with high-end retailers. Similarly, Moschino, Missoni, Armani, Bulgari, as well as a multitude of other world-renowned houses of design have molded their talents into the hotel industry. After visiting and representing hotels across Europe and Asia with my travel PR agency, I can safely say that there is no telling where the key to success will lay itself.

The true test will be whether or not these hotels can live up to the expectations that their brands have predisposed for them. It seems as though a partnership is a necessary tool towards acclimating into the world of hospitality. Missoni has partnered up with Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group to oversee all levels of business regarding matters of Hotel Missoni.  Only time will tell whether or not this movement will last. However, it does seem quite dreamy to go to sleep under a custom made Moschino gown in the city of Milan.

Boutique PR firms are expected to identify key facts about brands in the luxury market. This includes predicting trends in the overall industry. For over 30 years, I have been practicing this service for my clients. My team and I can research how your company performs in your respective market and how you identify yourself in the competitive landscape. Of course, your brand doesn’t have to be portrayed as a character in a movie. This is the first of many steps involved in servicing our clients, which you can see in more detail by visiting our Brand Positioning page or by calling me directly.

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