The Caribbean islands have become a year-round destination for people looking for peace and tranquility. Abelow PR represents a range of boutique and mid-sized hotels as well as resorts in the US, Caribbean, Central America and elsewhere around the world. As a travel public relations firm in New York City we advise you consider a few things when traveling to the Caribbean. You must consider crowds, weather, service and price fluctuation.

Now, July and August, are a great time to visit the countries in these regions because they are quiet, there are fewer crowds and the hotel rates are very affordable. Hotels will have 20 to 50 percent in savings during the summer months.

The off-season runs from mid-April to mid-December and so during these summer months you will find no lines, empty beaches, excellent service and low prices. The off-season is an excellent time to enjoy a relaxing vacation with virtually no one around. You will spend less money on travel and a hotel in the Caribbean than you would if you were heading out to the Hamptons or Montauk. Hotels offer promotions that include free nights, delicious food, fun outdoor activities and other incentives to lure costumers in.

Weather in the Off-Season

The temperature amongst the Caribbean islands is surprisingly comfortable, with an average between 75° and 85° in both the Summer and the Winter. With hurricane season running from August to September, many hotels have “hurricane guarantees,” which offer financial protection when and if a storm hits before or during your vacation. Not all hotels have hurricane guarantees so make sure to check the weather and the hotel before booking.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

One does not always need travel insurance, however for an off-season trip to the Caribbean, we recommend it. Travel insurance and trip-cancelation insurance usually covers travel delays, medical and lost luggage. American Express and other credit card companies offer travel insurance to their customers, so its worthwhile checking into that for destinations like the Caribbean in the off-season.

Now is the best time to plan a trip so check out hotels in the Leading Hotels of the World’s boutique group, or Preferred Hotels.