If you have ever wanted to take a trip to Cuba, now is the time to go! Traveling to Cuba has been getting progressively easier with the US government easing restrictions this year. Still, there are roadblocks for American travelers looking to experience this mystifying and much buzzed about destination. The easiest way to experience Cuba is through a licenses people-to-people educational exchange tour, such as Access Trips’ new Cuba Culinary Tour.

Access Trips Launches Culinary Tour in Cuba

As a public relations travel firm in New York City, we understand the advantages of traveling with a reliable and experienced travel company, and Access Trips is truly one of the best for those looking for authentic cultural immersion and experiences. From start to finish, Access Trips makes your journey seamless with an itinerary booming with one-of-a-kind cultural experiences that would otherwise be beyond reach.

Whether you are or aren’t a cooking aficionado one must jump on this astonishing opportunity to discover Cuban culture through cuisine. Not only will you be eating some of the best food in some of Cuba’s oldest and most revered paladares, private restaurants, but you will get to interact with locals as you visit organic farms, markets, and enjoy cooking classes with some of Cuba’s finest chefs.

The eight-day tour allows travelers to get a taste for life on the vibrant island. Five nights are spent in the bustling cultural mecca of Havana, where you explore the colonial city, learn to salsa with an incredible local dancer, and of course, cook and eat your way into Cuban culture. Not only will you get the opportunity to meet locals, but you will also be able to explore Havana Vieja and the four main squares that date back to 1559. The last three days will be spent in a colonial town called Trinidad. Here you will travel back in time to see more horses, carriages and bikes than cars or motorbikes. In Trinidad you will be able to meet the local fisherman and experience the joys of life in a typical Cuban fishing village. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a cooking class where you learn to prepare Cuban grilled fish.

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