Winter is coming and soon North-easterners will be longing to escape the cold and enjoy the warmth of the south. Whether it’s the Caribbean, Central America or South America, there are lots of wonderful properties with great deals. The key is booking early to get a good rate on the airfare.  While scouting around for hotel packages make sure you find one with a spa!

As one of the few boutique travel PR firms that focuses heavily on this region, we regularly host press to luxury properties there, and are already looking into flights.  With many years of experience, we recommend that you book 3 – 6 months out to ensure that you get the best rate.  Airlines are filling the planes to the brim, so if you want a good seat, it pays to book it sooner rather than later.

Yes, cash in those Am Ex points, and go JetBlue or American, which have the best service to this region. It is my opinion that even with rewards points from any of the credit cards, you will get more bang for your buck – exchange rate if you will — if you book early.

When considering where to stay, I suggest going on Instagram, and typing in “boutique hotel” or “Carib resort” or something of that nature and surely you will discover a wide range of properties with luxurious experiences to offer. Stunning photos await you, and will motivate you to book your vacation as soon as possible.

Other places to scout around are Jetsetter and Trip Advisor. In fact, you can search by location in Trip Advisor and make reservations through their site. Make sure to read the comments to see what previous guests have experienced. 

Social Media PR Agency Posts to Instagram

As a social media PR agency, we constantly post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the properties we represent, and having visited them all, I personally recommend them all.

Here they are:

Casa Bonita, Dominican Republic – Just named tops in the Caribbean by Conde Nast Traveler.  True farm-to-table is served here in this homey and warm boutique property.

Pico Bonito, Honduras – A nature lover’s paradise. If you love hummingbirds, peace and quiet, and hiking trails as well as mountain bikes available, you will love this small boutique hotel. Nearby snorkeling too!

Sublime Samana – In Northern Dominican Republic, this property is a personal favorite. With a swimming pool the length of a football field, and a private beach with crystal waters, I can’t wait to go with our family in December!

Las Terrazas, Belize – On isolated and beautiful Ambergris Caye, this island property is extremely reasonable, spacious rooms, fabulous food, and a staff that is unparalleled. Plus the beach is a wide expanse, and a sundowner is the most relaxing here I’ve experienced.

Follow these resort’s Instagram feeds, and you will see for yourself how they are waiting the envelope you in peace and relaxation!