Downtown Magazine covers the next "Emerging Destination" to appeal to the downtown NYC resident

Downtown Magazine covers the next “Emerging Destination” to appeal to the downtown NYC resident

With nearly 8.5 million residents ranging from families and couples to business and solo travelers, New York City is a top target market for hotels and travel companies around the world. So as Fall and Winter vacation planning commences, what can properties do from a public relations perspective to appeal to New Yorkers and increase bookings among this influential demographic?

As a luxury travel PR agency located in New York City, our savvy team understands the New York character and mentality – strategically utilizing our insider knowledge to position our travel clients to appeal to the standards and interests of the trendsetting residents of the city we call home. Below we are breaking down the top five traits and interests of New Yorkers that influence their travel planning choices:


  1. The “First-to-Know” Mentality – Coming from a city that is always on the pulse of what is new and on trend, there is a silent competition among New Yorkers to be the first to discover the next new thing. For New York residents, travel planning is no different with everyone from families with young children to newlyweds and baby boomers constantly working to discover and be the first to experience the next big destination or resort. In your media relations approach focus on uncovering and highlighting what is new and different about your property.
  1. Value Cultural Authenticity – Residing in a mecca for culture, art and entertainment, leaves New Yorkers constantly in need of cultural stimulation particularly when traveling. Be sure to highlight the ways that local cultural is authentically represented at your hotel, whether it be through indigenous spa treatments, fresh, local cuisine or offerings such as art courses with local artists.
  1. High Service Standards – How can you please travelers who come from a city where everything they need is only a phone call away? Offer the highest level of service, of course. Make sure to distinguish your service experience to make your guests feel that you truly go above and beyond. Even something as seemingly small as referring to your guests by name can make all the difference and encourage guests to come back time and time again.
  1. Food Quality is Central –New Yorkers are looking for well-rounded travel experiences where quality is present in every aspect of the stay from the accommodations to the dining options. Make your cuisine a priority and highlight it in your positioning. Be sure to stay true to your restaurant concept without going overboard – offering a good variety of fresh, authentic, high quality food to appeal to travelers of varying taste and dietary restrictions.
  1. Wellness and Fitness Offerings With all of the daily stress and pressure of the fast-paced life in NYC,it’s no surprise that New Yorkers value fitness and wellness programs that promote physical and mental well being. Distinguish your travel experience by highlighting your offerings whether it be private yoga and pilates sessions, indigenous spa treatments or meditative therapies.

What media relations approach do you find most successful in appealing to travelers in different geographic markets? How can these be applied to the public relations strategy of your luxury travel brand?