Turndown service is one of the little luxuries we love at hotels.

Turndown service is one of the little luxuries we love at hotels.

There is nothing quite like returning to your hotel room after a long day of sightseeing (or perhaps, relaxing poolside) and discovering you’ve been treated to turndown service. Looking to a bygone era for inspiration, the finer luxury hotels and resorts make this old-world touch a staple of their amenities. Elegant turndown service helps set apart the greatest luxury hotels from their competitors.

The Luxury of Turndown Service

The nation has gone mad for PBS’ Downton Abbey and I’m no exception. There is something seductive and endearing about the gentility of the aristocratic Crawley family. I see the kind of exceptional hospitality employed by the staff of Downton emerging in today’s luxury travel arena. Many top properties now have personal “butlers” to tend to a guest’s every need. By placing delicious chocolates on guests’ pillows and playing ambient music for nightly turndown, some of the best luxury hotels add a touch of Downton to their establishments.

A Personal Touch for the Business Traveler

Everything happens behind the scenes, flawlessly and discreetly. I value these services most when traveling for business on behalf of our PR firm. Returning to my room to find a single flower adds a grace note to my evening.  An understated, elegant turndown service distinguished great hotels from the merely good.

Luxury Hotels Create Lasting Impressions

A few years ago I had a unique turndown service in upstate New York. I returned to my room come evening to find Swiss chocolates on the pillow and a small, monogrammed note card with a quote: “Sleep the deep sleep of the just.” I still have that pinned to my corkboard. The hotel created a unique, memorable experience that I will remember for years to come that all started with turndown service.

The lifestyle of the residents of Downton is an appealing fantasy, but I’ll settle for turndown service and continue working for the weekend. “What’s a weekend?” the Dowager Countess of Grantham asks.