I recently came across a fascinating McKinsey & Company study titled Luxury Lifestyle: Business Beyond Buzzwords. This struck a resonant chord with our work as it argues that the intersection of luxury and lifestyle must be rooted in authenticity.

The motto of our NYC PR agency, “Luxe for Life,” goes beyond the world of fashion to the products and services we use to enhance our life. We love representing pioneers of the luxury lifestyle category that are as unique and iconic as their creators.

The Authenticity Factor

Coco Chanel famously stated, “Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, with the way we live.” The same thought process holds true for luxury brands and establishing their authentic identity. Based in NYC, we have worked with numerous luxury lifestyle brands and helped them grow organically to attract greater market share. And what was a key factor? Remaining authentic.

Our agency launched The Lindbergh Private Jet Card, the first truly global private jet card program. For the public face of the company, we decided its founder Erik Lindbergh, great-grandson of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, would be a truly inspired brand ambassador. The younger Lindbergh is an explorer and pioneer in his own right. With extensive media training and an exceptional launch, we helped create a luxury lifestyle brand born of authenticity.

Luxury Lifestyle is Telling a Story

The McKinsey study goes in-depth to what garners high lifestyle scores and creates an authentic luxury lifestyle experience. Beyond creating a sense of luxury lifestyle in magazines and print advertisement, it’s also through blogs, social media engagement and interactive media. We absolutely agree and counsel our clients on this very subject, helping them engage consumers while articulating the lifestyle they stand for beyond just the product.

Louis Vuitton's

Louis Vuitton’s “Core Values Campaign” showcases an authentic representation of the luxury lifestyle.

Louis Vuitton has done this brilliantly with their iconic “Spirit of Travel” campaign, that took Annie Leibovitz around the world. This included various images, including Keith Richards lounging in his hotel room with a branded custom guitar case. Another example from this shoot was Francis Ford Coppolla and Sofia Coppolla at dusk in a field in Buenos Aires, a satchel in the foreground. These instill in users a sense of adventure, of the very luxury lifestyle they hope to embody.

Although creating a sense of luxe life is grounded first and foremost in crafting an experiential offering, if the product isn’t the best, it cannot grow. This is perhaps what we find so thrilling about working with our new client Martin Miller’s Gin: it is among the best gins in the world. The best flavor, aromatics, ingredients, process and packaging create the best gin. A Martin Miller’s gin and tonic is emotive of the good life and luxe for life.

As a boutique PR firm, we find ways to position our clients in the trend of authenticity.